The executive management team is comprised of a number of seasoned business executives who are aligned with the technical knowledge and expertise of the overall team.

Nicolas Belanger

EVP, North American Sales

Nicolas leads our sales team from the front spending time with prospects on their sites listening to their problems. A qualified engineer, he knows when the TKP technology will form the basis of the solution. A former partner in Machinex Industries Inc., Nicolas is highly sought after in the waste management and recycling industries and is regarded as one of the leading systems design engineers in North America.

Chris Mueller

EVP, Engineering and Operations

Chris has lead our Engineering & Operations group since the beginning of the company in 2013. He is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada engineering program, and the Queen’s University Executive MBA program. Chris served in the Canadian military for 9 years, including a deployment in the Middle East. He subsequently co-founded a number of companies, all with the focus on the commercialization of new technologies. He has been involved in a variety of projects globally, including leading UN project engineering teams in Africa and Central America in developing renewal energy projects in least developed countries. Chris brings a proven track record of technology and project development, in the international arena. Chris has personally recruited the entire engineering and operations management team, and leads them with the credo “failure is not an option”.

Alan Duncan

Chief Financial Officer

Widely respected and experienced, a Chartered Accountant, Alan leads our finance and administration team. A distinguished career with Fidelity Investments International saw him open businesses in Australia, Luxembourg and Canada. A New Zealander, he was headhunted by the British Government to lead the start up of the Pension Protection Fund as the Executive Director of Operations. Alan subsequently served as the Dean for the School of Business at the University of Prince Edward Island and taught their MBA program.

John Yeomans

Managing Director Europe

John is currently part time with TORXX where he is responsible for developing our go to market strategy for Europe. A 30 year veteran in financial services software, John was CEO of a VC backed software and payments processing company, growing revenue 300% and successfully selling the company for 6 times revenue.

Peter Everson

Executive Chairman

Peter leads on strategy; senior recruitment and fundraising. A Bermuda resident, he recently retired as non-executive chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board where the 1,750 staff provide the sole hospital services to Bermuda. In that role Peter led them through the creation of their strategic plan and recruited world class individuals as Chief of Staff and CFO. A 35 year career in financial services primarily with Schroders PLC covered investment banking, private banking and alternatives.


Jarek Lutoslawski

Senior Technical and Design Engineer

Jarek is the senior concept and technical designer engineer. He brings many years of design engineering, manufacturing and materials science experience to the engineering team. He provides technical oversight and leads the design engineering team.

Skip Aldridge

Manager, Engineering and Manufacturing

Skip brings extensive experience in product development and in the manufacturing of waste industry machinery and equipment. He leads the engineering team in the manufacture and installation of the TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer® in North America.

Mark Lugowski

Manager, Project Engineering

Mark is one of the earliest members of the TORXX engineering team. He manages the electrical program, and all things Kinetic Pulverizer in the commissioning, operating and life-cycle of TORXX’s systems in the field.


Joe Moneypenny

Manager, Operations and Service

Joe has many years of experience with industrial machinery, and in materials processing in the waste industry. Joe leads the TORXX installation and service team.

Sheri Fritz

Manager, Operations Support

Sheri brings many years of operations management experience to TORXX. She is the friendly voice behind all things service and logistics related.

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